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A 5.5 mile to the summit of Pumlumon Fawr, Cereidigion, Wales

As it was quite blustry there is limited drone footage Enjoy the walk.

Walk Description

This is a 5.5 mile walk that starts at Eisteddfa Gurig on the side of the A44, in Ceridigion, Wales. This is a very good walk to do after wet weather as much of it is on stone tracks. As it is easily accessible from the main road and there is not a huge amount of ascent it is also suitable for families with young, active children.

You can see the Ordnance Survey map here

Either park at the farm where there is a parking charge or find the lay-by about 800 metres east of the farm and walk back up the road; watch out for traffic though it is busy. The latter will take you past the rather strange 'Elvis Rock' as well.
After parking head for the farm yard entrance then turn right between the farm buildings, you will probably be met by some barking dogs in a shed. Continue through the other side and go straight ahead towards a gate ignoring the track on the left over a cattle grid (you will return that way). Then just follow the track as it winds up with a stream on the right hand side. Eventually the incline levels out a bit and after about a mile and a quarter you will see some old mine workings on your right. The Cambrian mountains were famous at one time for their lead and silver mines. There are various old bits of mine equipment around as well as, no doubt, a few places to injure yourself if you don't take care exploring.

Look for the footpath sign on the left and then turn off the stone track and follow the path up to the ridge. At the top there is a ladder style over the fence to the summit itself with spectacular views and Nant yr Moch reservoir in front of you. Once you have finished on the summit go back over the stile and turn right and follow the path down the fence line which eventually becomes a well defined grass path.

Once you get near the conifer plantation you can see in the distance the track becomes stone again and after passing a solitary telecommunications tower it turns east near the plantation and drops down to some farm sheds in the distance.

Follow it down past the sheds and eventually you will be back at the farm where you started.

Interesting Facts

The Pumlumon area is the largest watershed in Wales and is the source of the rivers Wye, Severn and Rheidol. Since 2007 the Wildlife Trusts of Wales have been working to improve the habitat as a "living landscape" project. This watershed area has been affected by loss of biodiversity, erosion of the peaty soils' structure, and accelerated drainage. Some believe the drainage issues have contributed significantly to flooding in areas some distance downstream, though this cannot be clearly proved.

Like most of the uplands across Wales, intensive land use activities have resulted in many habitats being either lost or degraded. Over-grazing of sheep has induced soil compaction, which has resulted in increased flooding of the lowland areas. The principal land cover within the project area is dominated by a complex mosaic of locally, nationally and internationally important habitats and species, such as dry and wet dwarf-shrub heathland, blanket bog, unimproved acid grassland and a number of oligotrophic lakes. Agriculturally improved grassland, broadleaved woodlands and forestry plantation are also characteristic features of the area.


The map below shows you the route of this walk. Bing Maps is a useful resource for Ordnance Survey maps and you can see this and the wider area here

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Pumlumon Fawr Walking Map