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Garreg Ddu Dam in the lower Elan Valley. Photo © John Burton

We are John and Liz Burton who moved to Wales over ten years ago. Since then we have walked many miles of this amazing country - in these pages you will find some of the walks we have done to inspire you to get out in the Welsh countryside

We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of Carmarthenshire. We find getting out into the wilds of Wales a great antidote to the nonsense going on in the world at the current time, We are at a point of great peril, in our opinion and the world is not particularly a pleasant place to be at present. As we are unable to travel as much as we usually do, we are starting this project to show people the beauty of the natural world in Wales. This countryside keeps us sane and in touch with nature and the 'real world'.

John is an experienced, and award winning photographer, who recently bought a small drone for a particular purpose. Suddenly the possibility of filming some of our walks partly from the air meant that it would be a new way of showcasing these walks. Thus this little website was built and we will be adding to the walks as time permits.

For anyone with a technical interest (and we are not saying that we know what we are doing) the aerial footage is shot with a DJI Fly 2 drone and the stills and video with a Fuji X-T30 camera. These are then edited together in Hitfilm Express.

If you are wanting to find online Ordnance Survey maps they are available in the UK on Bing Maps. Just find the location you want then choose Ordnance Survey from the drop down list on the upper right. For some reason it doesn't always work in all browsers; in which case you can try 'Where's the Path' which although no longer supported is still a useful resource